Tuesday, November 8, 2016


First, I'll admit that this is a somewhat odd bunch of music, but I keep coming back to it. The dialog in the first few seconds of the opening track "holeinone" remind me of "Frontier Psychiatrist" by the Avalanches, but when the beat kicks in at around 0:16, we're plunged into a murky, swampy, sticky groove that has the feel of a broken tape deck. The second track keeps the muddy feeling going with a warped melody that might be the drunken cousin of the Six Million Dollar Man theme song. The remaining tracks on this collection follow in suit with wobbly lo-fi grooves that strike a curious balance between fun and creepy. Somewhere there's a DJ who's going to do something really cool with this stuff.

This one's a pay-what-you-want deal. If you like it, buy it. 

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